The Jesse Lacey Effect


I love Brand New
Music is my life
I Play guitar along the streets of Providence
I appreciate and respect Woman
I drive a 65' Ford Mustang
Classic Cars are my passion
I'm former Military
Study Psychology
I'm a part time Mechanic
Full time Romantic
and a semi professional/certified Paranormal Investigator

get to know me before you judge me...
I'm not a typical guy, i'll surprise you!

When in doubt, swag your way out!

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I’m at my first day of work, and it’s not easy labor lol but hey it will def pay the bills. I miss my girlfriend a lot right now, can’t wait to go home and cuddle her, I love her so very much


Always reblog. ALWAYS. *dies*

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Feel like I am not good enough for my girlfriend. Like I irritate her, idk it’s all of a sudden a weird night. Everything was totally fine and then like suddenly she got all sketch and irritable like. I fail, I just want to make her happy. I love her so much

I am so pumped to be moving to North Carolina with my amazing girlfriend and my brother who is re-enlisting in the Marines! I am confident about this move and feel like we will all enjoy it. This move will do us all some good and be quite the adventure lol